Our Why

Making every day count

We want to bring development to the undeveloped, imparting the community with open knowledge and intellectual freedom, providing school children with empowering skill-set and attitude to set them up for a fruitful life.

We ask ourselves this question everyday:

how can we enhance the life of the lowest member of the society?”


We believe your mindset is your greatest asset, we learn by finding information, acting on that information and learning from it. We believe in open knowledge and intellectual freedom. We are passionate about building solutions that we KNOW can change people’s lives


Why are We different?

  • Because we believe Success is repeatable.
  • we don’t take advantage of people
  • we hate poverty, we don’t give excuses,
  • we start from where we are
  • we don’t care if people laugh at us
  • we don’t cheat the process,
  • we like abundance and the good things of live. Don’t you?

what are fighting against?

We don’t believe anyone who tells us we cannot succeed because of location, race, tribe, education you name it, yet it is happening every single day. We take action, learn, grow and scale everyday 

Our Values

Produce not consume

Solution mentality


Continuous learning



  • I don’t give excuses
  • I don’t give up
  • I don’t cheat the process
  • I build solutions
  • I create my future
  • I live in abundance
  • I am not bound by borders
  • I am unstoppable
  • I am one action away... from my BREAKTHROUGH