Your Mindset is Your Greatest Asset

Helping you achieve success in a complex and overwhelming environment

We help you dream about the future, impart you with knowledge to pursue that dream and empower you with skill-set and attitude to set you up for a fruitful life.

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Every human can be great, but not at the same time. We provide a platform to help people discover themselves, empower their mind and develop capacity.


Whatever your dream in life, you need knowledge. Hence, the #1 reason most people are stuck in life is due to lack of awareness.


Meet people who have travelled the road you are on, and left signposts you can follow to get to the same destination.

Past Events


Hack Warri - Hackathon for developers in Warri


What people say?

As an event planner, I learnt the importance of taking risk and venturing into areas of my work that I have felt unprepared for. After the event, I have handled 4 major events beyond my usual capacity and it has been a usual thing for me since then.
E. Adams
Event Planner
I attended #StartupWarri, where I met other developers, set new goals and learnt of a lot of new things. With the knowledge gained, I was able to add a Professional touch to my business. With more events like this, the city will be unified and more youths can revive their careers
T. Ovie
Software Developer
Hi sir, too excited to keep it to myself. The book you sent me on reaching my audience, I was able to practice it in my biz..Am not kidding.. I have made sale worth over 100k this week...The part that says most people haven't reached out to all their customers... It is working for me.. Thanks sir.
F. Uti
Online Entrepreneur